Charlotta Duse

Digital marketing and art

Hi there!

I am Charlotta Duse, also known as Lotta by my friends and family, and as a professional in digital marketing by my clients. Above all, I’m a creator. That means that I do stuff. Mostly creative things. 

Professional in digital marketing between 9–5

Between 9–5 I do digital marketing, content strategy, SEO, copywriting, photography, and social media management for several clients. What I  enjoy the most about digital marketing is storytelling and communication that can make a change for the better. How I know it makes a change? Because I’m a sucker for evaluation and Google Analytics.

Pressed flowers, art, and clay for the rest of the day

Between 5–10 pm (yes, I am an early sleeper) I do other things. I still enjoy researching, writing, photography, and social media, but I also concentrate on other stuff. Mostly this includes pressed flowers, 35 mm film rolls, and clay.


Hey, look what I’ve done!

Web Design, Logo Design, and SEO

Web design, logo design, SEO, and implementation of website for Kolmårdens Äppelmusteri.

Web Design, SEO, and E-commerce

Strategy, design, and implementation of website and webshop for Qvarsebo Kaffe. 

SEO and copywriting

Copywriting about private equity, impact investment, and sustainable development.  

Fashion photography

Into space is a fashion photography project for students at the design school La Llotja in Barcelona.

Limelight on design lamps

Product photography with pictures of design lamps that are sold online. Material, colors, and shapes are in focus.

Art exhibition – Pressed flowers

My pressed flower decor, posters, and postcards on exhibition at Qvarsebo Kaffe.

Don't be shy – Say hello!

Do you want to know more about digital marketing, pressed flowers, or me? Let me know.