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This is a showcase of pictures taken of special people and moments. What I enjoy photographing the most are people. In other words, portraits is my thing.


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Scroll down to see my portfolio with portraits of beautiful people and still lives of special objects.

Portrait photography

If you are in to portrait photography, just as I am, you can go directly to the portrait section to see more. 

Product photography

Still lifes, product photography and commercial photography – a dear child has many names, as they say in Sweden.

Corporate photography

Show your clients what you do. Show staff portraits and images from your work context.


Anyone can take good pictures. Why should I hire a photographer?

Indeed, it has never been easier to call yourself a photographer as it is nowadays. I would like to point out, though, that to become good at what you do, you need to practice, receive feedback, and continue to practice. I always liked taking pictures and did take pictures for many years. As a result of my photography hobby, I started a three-year-long photography program at GrisArt International School of Photography in Barcelona in 2011.

How to become a photographer?

I really thought I was already pretty good at photography, that I had “the eye”. A few weeks into my photography classes I realized that I knew little more than how to press the “take-a-picture-button” on my half-automatized camera. In the coming three years I emerged in commercial photography, spending my days in the photo studio working with portraits, fashion, product photography, and editing. At the same time, I also worked as a photography assistant for Marcelo Isarrualde. Recently graduated, I started to work as a photographer for the local newspaper Östra Småland Nyheterna in Sweden. The newspaper does unfortunately not exist anymore (I had nothing to do with that, I promise).

So, what makes me different?

In my professional career, I have had the pleasure to combine photography with one of the other things I enjoy most, writing. I believe that image and text is a truly powerful combination that can change the world. I have also had the opportunity to be active as a photojournalist, fashion photographer, and making corporate photography. It is good to find yourself in different situations and to be creative and make the best photo session that you possibly can. It can sometimes be a challenge, but it is always fun!

So, what makes me different? In addition to many hours of studying photography, shutter speed, depth of field, editing, practicing, and my share of professional experience, I enjoy what I do. And that is something that shows in the results.

How to hire me as your photographer?

Well, I am glad that you asked. Just send me an email and let’s get going!