Pressed flower art

I hope you enjoy slow art. Each piece of pressed flower art has a creation process of at least four weeks. To press flowers is a way to preserve nature and keep your flowers forever.

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Pressed flower art

Venus symbol with pressed flowers

Venus symbol made with red ixora coccinea flowers from Mexico. Available in two sizes: 21 × 29,7 cm and 29,7 × 40 cm.

Pressed red cloves

Red cloves on white low acid paper, which is in its turn is centered on a pink low acid paper. Available in 21 × 29,7 cm.

 Pressed flowers to decorate your home

Flowers can definitively change the mood in a room. Flowers are beautiful, personal, and smell good. But unfortunately, they also dry out pretty fast. With pressed flowers, and pressed flower decor, you get only the good parts – they are beautiful, personal, and artisanal decoration for your home. Pressed flowers also last for a really, really long time.

How are the pieces made?

The flowers that I use are collected on long walks during travels or bought from local flower stores. During the last year I have also started to plant, harvest, and press flowers on my terrace. The flowers should preferably be picked in early spring, or when they are still young. The best time of the day to go out on a flower hunt is early in the morning. That way you collect the flowers at the moment they start opening up to the sun. 

I press my flowers in a homemade flower press for a minimum of three weeks, adjusting the pressure as time goes by. Once three weeks have passed I open the press up, collect the flowers with a pair of tweezers as to not transmit any dirt or grease onto them, organize them in different envelopes according to type and color,  and then arrange them into different shapes and combinations.

So every piece of flower art that you see here has at least a four week creation process behind it.

What is an herbarium?

Pressed flowers, also known as herbarium when used for scientific purposes, is a way to preserve nature and keep your flowers forever. The oldest traditions of making herbarium collections have been traced to Italy. However, nowadays it is practiced all over the globe. 

Herbaria have been and continue to be, essential for the classification of plants, their naming, as well as the study of their geographic distributions. A very famous and important herbarium is the one of Carl Linnaeus. It contains more than 4,000 (!) types of plants and flowers.

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